"Creating the perfect equine partner."

W e are a small operation located in Milano, Texas. We concentrate on breeding quality Quarter Horses that will excel in many disciplines. We offer training, lessons, foaling services, layups/recovery care for injured horses, transportation, and sales.
Training Services

We offer training encouraging the horse to be calm, quiet and free of resistance. Our commitment is to creating the perfect equine partner. At TNT Quarter Horses, we believe in working with the horses to bring them along at their own pace. Every horse is different, and we customize our training programs to fit the individual horse. We fit/train horses for show in halter, western pleasure, hunter under saddle, trail, showmanship, lungeline, in hand trail, working equitation and more! We also take your family friend/pleasure horse to help you create a perfect partner! We accept all breeds. Tarrin has over 20 years experience with multiple championship and reserve championships at the national, regional and local level. In working Equitation she has won more than $10k cash and prizes. Her students and training horses have also won more than $10k cash and prizes. She trained the 2014 and 2015 Junior Champion rider at Haras Cup. She bred and trained the horse. She trained the 2014 3rd place finisher and 2015 Champion Youth Rider at Haras Cup. She bred and trained the horse. She trained and bred the 2015 Haras Cup Novice Champion horse and coached the rider. Tarrin is a carded judge with WEIAUSA and WE United. She travels all over the United States giving clinics, lessons, and judging. Beginners and new horse owners are always welcome!!! Contact us for more information.

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Learn more about Working Equitation with Tarrin here!


  • Full time - $800 pasture board/feed/monthly training
  • Full time - $900 stall board/feed/ monthly training
  • Part Time - $700 pasture board/feed/16 rides per month. Training schedule must be approved by trainer. Horses with less than 60 days riding are not eligible.
  • Part Time - $800 stall board/feed/16 rides per month. Training schedule must be approved by trainer. Horses with less than 60 days riding are not eligible.
  • Maintenance - $600 pasture board/feed/12 rides per month. Training schedule must be approved by trainer. Horses with less than 60 days of riding are not eligible. Horses being shown by trainer are not eligible for the maintenance program.
  • Maintenance - $700 stall board/feed/ 12 rides per month. Training schedule must be approved by trainer. Horses with less than 60 days of riding are not eligible. Horses being shown by trainer are not eligible for maintenance.
  • Blankets, sheets, fly masks, etc must be provided by owner. We feed high quality feeds. We will feed up to 6lbs of grain per day. Additional grain and supplements are the responsibility of the owner. We feed Chaffhaye and coastal as needed in addition to pasture. Horses in training to be shown by the trainer will be on stall board. Depending on the time of year they will have to be under lights or out of the sun to maintain coat condition. These horses must be in full time or part time training. Trainer is will decide training based on training needs of horse. Horses to be shown by farm must be in training a minimum 10 weeks prior to the first show and remain in training through the last show of the season. Training needs between shows will be discussed between owner and trainer. Some horses can be maintained for shows with part time training.


  • When your horse is in full time training you are eligible for 2 free riding lessons per month. These lessons do not carry over and must be used for the horse that is in full time training.
  • Lesson at the farm on your horse - $50 for 45min to an hour.
  • Lesson at the farm on a lesson horse - $60 for 45min to an hour.
  • Lesson, your horse, off farm - $75 an hour within 60 mile radius. Over 60 miles an additional charge of $.56 per mile over 60 miles will be added.
  • Groups lessons are available – inquire for quotes.
  • Video Lessons - $80. Email us your interest in a video lesson. Tell us what you are working on and towards. You will receive an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, email us a video link or mail us a DVD of you riding. Maximum of 30 minutes. Please do not edit out any “bad parts”. Video should be from multiple angles. You will receive a written evaluation and video exercises. After two weeks send us a follow up video of you performing the exercises and you will receive a second written evaluation.


  • Maximum of 15 riders per day. $55 per rider minimum day fee of $550 plus expenses.
  • Private / semi private lessons in conjunction with a clinic or instead of a clinic. Maximum of 10 lessons per day. Contact for pricing. Minimum of $650 per day plus expenses.
Stallion Management - All breeds and disciplines welcome.

 Available services

Limited Space. Case by Case basis. Contact us for pricing.

  • Includes fielding of all inquiries, completing breeding records to be filed by stallion owner, preparation of stallion advertising (advertising fees / designer fees are the responsibility of stallion owner), and web page on our website. You keep your breeding fee, and we keep the farm fee and all fees associated with cooled shipped semen.
  • Available services
  • Semen Collection, Shipping and Analysis
  • Fed Ex Shipping. Includes stallion collection, semen analysis, packaging, disposable shipping container or use of reusable container, and shipping charges.
  • Clean out Collections
  • Contact us for Pricing
  • Our facilities are designed for horses, and we strive to keep them clean and safe to compliment your needs and our breeding needs. We have years of experience breeding horses, and in November 2006 Tarrin completed the equine reproduction short course at Colorado State University to ensure that we can continue to offer up-to-date and skilled handling of the mares and stallions during breeding season.
Year Round Mare Care
  • Mare Management for Breeding and Foaling services
  • Contact us for Pricing
Sales Services
  • Sale of horse currently in training – 15% commission
  • Sale of horse not currently in training – 20% commission
  • Promotional Video created by TNT Quarter Horses, LLC - $100 per horse
  • Promotional Photography by TNT Quarter Horses, LLC - $50
  • Purchase agent fee – 10% of purchase price
  • Consulting fee - $45 per hour /$300 per day plus expenses
Show Fees – for horses in full time or part time training with TNT Quarter Horses, LLC:

TNT Quarter Horses, LLC show fee (see below) – includes horse management, grooming, clipping, braiding, banding, feeding, stall cleaning, decorating, work tack, basic western and huntseat show tack (specialty tack must be provided by owner), tack cleaning, cleaning/grooming products, fans, lights, presentation in classes, coaching of amateur / youth rider on horse, trainer show clothing/cleaning basic western and huntseat (specialty clothing must be provided by owner).

  • Schooling shows. Open breed not recognized by an association - $100 per horse per day plus 50% of winnings, meals, lodging and travel.
  •  Recognized Schooling Show - $125 per horse, per day for the first three days plus 50% of winnings, lodging, and travel. Additional days $100 per horse per day.
  • Regional Show - $175 per horse, per day for the first four days plus 25% of winnings, lodging, travel. Additional days $100 per horse per day.
  • National / Championship Show - $200 per horse, per day for the first five days plus 15% of winnings, lodging, travel. Additional days $100 per horse per day.
  • Championship win at shows without prize money – $300 bonus Reserve championship win at shows without prize money - $200 bonus
  • Show coaching - free for owners of horses being shown by TNT Quarter Horses, LLC paying the above show fees. All others - $75 per horse plus meals, lodging, travel per day.

Meals, lodging and travel are split between owners. No travel fees if owner’s horse is transported to the show by TNT Quarter Horses, LLC. If three or more training horses are being shown by TNT Quarter Horses, LLC there are no fees for lodging. All show fees must be received two weeks prior to show.

Show Expenses

In addition to TNT Quarter horses show fee, owners will be responsible for the following:

  • Show entry fees
  • Show stabling/bedding fees
  • Tack stall fees (split between owners)
  • Parking fees (split between owners)
  • Transportation fees (charged round trip) $.75 per mile $150 minimum
  • Patron Sponsorship (Mandatory. Split between owners and TNT Quarter Horses, LLC.)
  • Vet fees
  • Farrier fees
  • Blankets, halters
  • All other out of pocket show expenses
  • Damages caused by horse


  • Limited spots for outside horses available.
  • $275 to $500 per month.
  • Overnighters $25 per night.
  • Contact us for information.

Regular Maintenance Requirements:

Must show proof of service upon request (i.e. receipt or canceled check) or services will be provided by TNT Quarter Horses and a stable charge will apply.
  • Trims: minimum of every 10 weeks.
  • Shoeing: minimum of every 8 weeks.
  • Deworming: minimum of 5 times per year.
  • Vaccinations: 3 way sleeping sickness and tetanus yearly. Rabies and Strangles yearly. Rhino and Flu every 6 months. WNV optional. Contact us for vaccination guidelines for weanlings, yearlings, and pregnant mares.
  • Negative Coggins every year.
  • Health certificate and negative coggins required for overnighters.
 TNT Quarter Horses, LLC

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