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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

This!!! It is so frustrating to watch a horse walk around in pain. Some vets want to inject, don’t even advise changes in shoeing. People... veterinarians can’t be experts at all things. Think about it. Do you go to your family dr for a tooth ache? Or appendicitis? No. You go to a dentist or a surgeon. Find a vet who understands feet. For 5yrs with my mare I played the injection game. I did everything the vet and farrier told me to. I spent close to $10k. Her back was sore, her feet were sore. We injected everywhere. It wasn’t until I started doing my own research and figured out the feet were the culprit and the hind feet probably started it, that changes started to happen. The vet and farriers were focused on her front feet. I was concerned about her hinds. She was abscessing constantly in all 4 feet. I threw good money after bad on x rays, MRI’s, injections, osphos, therapeutic farriers recommended by veterinarians, supplements, you name it. Only to be told she shouldn’t be that lame. She had inflammation in her tendons and ligaments. Turn her out for a year and hope for the best. I had to find a hoof care practitioner who focused on feet from the inside out and their effect on the rest of the body. I had to find a veterinarian who was more educated about feet.

I have run into this with dental work in horses too. Veterinarians not addressing obvious issues. Being told if the horse is still eating ok to just leave things alone. I could see the horses were uncomfortable. I had to find an Equine dentist to help. What she could not fix, she referred me to a veterinarian who specializes in teeth. He fixed it. I had horses who suffered for years. I have had horses come to me for training obviously lame or in pain. Owners told by their veterinarians the horses were not lame / in pain and that the horses just had a bad attitude. So they were brought to me for tune ups. I refused to ride then until a sports medicine veterinarian looked at them. And guess what....they were lame / in pain. We addressed the pain and the behaviors went away.

Please do your horse a favor and if you are going to spend money, spend it with the professionals that focus on specialties. Stop expecting your general practice veterinarians to be experts on everything. It’s not fair to your veterinarian or your horse. We don’t expect dr’s in human medicine to be experts at multiple species and all ailments. Stop expecting veterinarians to be.

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