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Let’s Talk Canter Bonus for Masters Members

This horse is cantered once a week in lessons. She is 21. This pair started with me about 4.5 years ago. The mare had locking stifles. Her owner informed me that she would “NEVER canter this horse”. She had owned the horse it’s entire life. She had been told by other trainers not to canter the horse because she bucked. What you are witnessing is 4.5 years of work. The owner working on walk/trot gymnastic exercises during the week. For many months I just cantered this horse once a week. Not cantering far but working on transitions. It was hard for her because her hind legs were behind her not under her. She wasn’t using her back. She was hollow. The mare had some discomfort. She had been in shoes many years and had bad angles. We improved her diet. We support her with body work and anti inflammatories/injections. The owner cantered her for the first time after about a year of work. Prior to us starting feet, diet and medicinal support. Just body work and changes in riding habits. There was a lot of fear. Nearly freezing in the canter. Unable to follow directions. Very shaken after the canter. We have gone slow and steady with both horse and human. This is the result of cantering once a week and doing all things necessary to support the horse to keep her comfortable physically. At 21 she looks better than at 16. The owner is doing a fantastic job working on improving her skill and giving the horse good information to work with.

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