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Schedule Updates

This year is going by quickly 😬

I have 6 lesson spots open in March. Contact me if you still need to schedule.

Offsite lessons- I am significantly reducing offsite lessons due to high last minute cancellations. Offside lessons will also require deposits beginning April 1st and are subject to the lesson cancellation policy.

To book offsite lessons, you need at least 4 riders and be within a 60 mile radius of the farm. Everything outside a 60 mile radius will be billed at the clinic rates.

Clinics - I will only be booking two more clinics in 2024. All clinics are posted under events on the website.

Training / rehab - all spots are full until

At least May/June. Signed contracts and deposits hold spots for the next available openings.

For the most part, I try to take Sundays off. Due to some clinics and continuing education in March, April, May, and June, I will be booking lessons on a few Sundays to accommodate my students who need lessons on weekends. If you are a weekend rider and have the availability for a weekday or weekday evening during those months, please let me know.

Tonight is our monthly Master Zoom for Master level subscribers.

I am excited about 2024! Watching horses and riders grow in their confidence and education is exciting! Keep up the good work!

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1 Comment

Feb 28

Thanks for all you do 😊

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