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Trainer’s Tip Tuesday

It's ok to walk away. If you and your horse are struggling with a concept, it's ok to quit and come back to it later. Your horse isn't "winning". You are not in a competition with your horse. You aren't at war with your horse. Rather than teaching your horse to fight or resist, just stop. Try to figure out why your horse is struggling. Are you giving clear communication? Are you frustrated? Does the horse need it broken up into smaller pieces? Does your horse need a break? Is your horse in pain? Is your horse strong enough? Instead of trying to conquer your horse and "win", try to view your horse as trying to please you but there is a barrier in the way. Work to remove that barrier. Go back a few steps. Wait to revisit until you are sure you have set the horse up to find the correct answer. It may be 5 minutes or 5 months and that is ok.

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