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Winter Weather

Good morning!

We are aware of the significant weather changes coming in. We know this happens once or twice a year in Texas and it throws a monkey wrench in plans.

Owners of training/rehab horses:

Don't worry. We will be watching your horses like a Hawk. They will be appropriately cared for and brought out of the weather. Significant weather makes for long days for us. If you do not hear from us, everything is fine. No news is good news. Please keep your phone handy because if we do have a problem we will need to reach you expeditiously. Any missed training days will be made up. But we won't work horses in the inclement weather. This week may be a light training week. Time will tell.

Lesson students:

Please be patient. We are likely going to have to reschedule some lessons this week. December is already a full month for lessons and family events. I will readjust as much as I can but please be patient. There are only so many hours in a day. You will not lose lessons you have paid for, they will be credited to your account.

I don't want you hauling horses in 40mph wind gusts or riding in below freezing temps as our horses are not acclimated to those temperatures.

If you have questions please send them but be patient waiting for a reply.

Bundle up!


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1 Kommentar

Sue Ann Kendall
Sue Ann Kendall
18. Dez. 2022

Thanks for your good judgment.

Gefällt mir
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