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Wisdom Wednesday

Things that make my brain churn. We know the jaw moves in a figure 8 (some say ♾️ symbol). We know the tail sits at the end of the spinal column. So if the jaw is moving well in the oscillating pattern, does the tail mimic the jaw if that oscillation travels well through the nervous system to the tail? It would appear so. For years I was told happy tail, happy horse. What if the tail movement is a reflection of the jaw movement/mobility? Could a tail indicate dysfunction in jaw movement? Could a tail indicate a disconnect in the chain between the jaw and tail? Hmmmmm. I don't have the answers....yet. But everything is connected and it can't be coincidence that the tail, when moving well, has the same movement pattern as the jaw. So for now I will look for happy tails and see if it's attached to a happy jaw

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