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Tarrin Warren #TarrinMadeMeDoIt

I am an Equine Education Professional practicing horsemanship.  My goal is to practice for progress not perfection.  I focus on the whole horse wellness in my educational approaches.  Functional soundness of both mind and body are of upmost importance.


About Tarrin Warren


Based in Central Texas, I have been breeding, training and instructing for more than 25 years.  My focus is on non-discipline specific equine education. It is my belief that with correct biomechanics, for better behavior and soundness, our horses can be competent in any skill they are asked of them.  I work with a team of professionals (veterinarians, farriers, body workers, dentists) to help you reach your goals with your equine partner.  Teaching the rider to use aids that work with the horses not against them is my training philosophy.  My goal is creating a harmonious partnership between horse and rider that develops the horse in a way that it correctly carries the rider through the movements.  I do not work off of training methods that use pain to create compliance. Instead, I approach training as a conversation to create lasting partnerships. 

Working with horses is a passion of mine.  I have been involved in numerous disciplines including working equitation, racing, speed events, halter, showmanship, jumping, dressage, polocrosse, team penning, sorting, pleasure, camp drafting, and more.  

Teaching is a passion.  I travel around the country giving clinics and judging.  In addition to traveling, I have created online seminars for riders and Co-authored "The Working Equitation Handbook".  Our blog subscription page offers plans to help reach your training goals through online education. 

Support the horse from the hoof up. 

Learn about the horse from the inside out. 

Ride the horse from the hind leg forward. 

I look forward to helping you on your horsemanship journey!

#TarrinMadeMeDoIt  Helping Horses one Human at a time.

​Disclaimer:  I am a trainer practicing horsemanship.  My focus is wellness of the entire horse. These are my opinions and observations from study, working with veterinarians, body workers, farriers, and horse owners to restore desirable behavior and soundness in horses.  You should do your own research and consult professionals to determine a plan for your situation. 





Prices Vary

Private, Group and Virtual Lessons available.



Focusing on creating functional posture and functional movement for long term soundness.



Starting at $650

Clinics at your location.  Three clinic format options starting at $650


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

Vincent van Gogh