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Cancellation Policy

I know Mother Nature is throwing everyone around right now. It is hard to be a livestock owner. Most people ride horses as a hobby and it's not fun to deal with the hobby if the weather isn't perfect. However, if we want to enjoy our hobbies when the weather is perfect, then we have to put in the work when the weather isn't.

Please keep in mind that we have a cancellation policy.

If YOU cancel within 24hrs of your scheduled lesson, there is NO refund. If you have to cancel within 24hrs of you scheduled lesson because or your horse have a medical emergency / sickness, you may reschedule and apply your payment to that future lesson.

You are allowed one free cancellation every 6 months if you cancelled more than 24hrs in advance. After that you will have to prepay to book and there are no refunds on cancellations.

If we have to reach due to medical emergency, illness or inclement weather this does not count as a cancellation. Illness is equivalent to if you can't go to work, don't come to a lesson. If you are contagious, don't come to a lesson. If your horse is ill, do not come to a lesson. If we have weather advisories that would impact lessons/travel, unsafe footing, freezing, etc. I will contact you to reschedule. If you are coming from more than 45 minutes away and your weather is inclement please let us know ASAP (we will verify).

I hate having to have this policy in place. However, we are a small business with a budget that revolves around scheduling. When you reserve your time, it means I refuse other individuals for that spot. It is impossible to fill slots with less than 48hrs notice. Cancellations are rampant this time of year because it gets uncomfortable outside. If you do not want to ride in cold temperatures please don't schedule during winter months. Remember if you don't put the work in now, your horse won't be ready to ride when the weather is perfect.

This policy is for on and offsite lessons.

Cancellation: any lesson canceled within 48hrs of a lesson time, regardless of if the lesson is rescheduled. Canceling any lesson without rescheduling.

Rescheduling: changing lesson 48hrs or more prior to scheduled lesson time. Rescheduling or canceling due to inclement weather (weather that creates dangerous driving conditions, storms, frozen precipitation, flooding rains, lightning,)

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Our First ride 42’ windy. I will cherish that day and memory!! We still ride in the cold and wind. ❤️

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