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Trainer’s Tip Tuesday

Short term gratification can often have long term negative implications. Don’t ignore the problem just because the judge is watching.

Judging Takeaways

You have to give to get. If your horse is leaning on the rein, taking more rein is not the answer. This is a working sport.

Judging Takeaways

Judging takeaways: These are my opinions based off my experience, study, practice and knowledge of the sport. Know your rules ...

May Zoom Preview

Here is a preview of the Zoom webinars our Masters Level's Subscribers have access to. Join our Master's Subscription plan to join us in...


Here is a preview of the videos that are available with the Masters level program! The videos are 15 minutes to 2hrs long. Currently...

Rules Summit 5/2020

Password: TarrinMadeMeDoIt21 Rules updates have come out since this was recorded. Be sure to check the rule book for update information

Judging Takeaways

I escaped the Texas heat to judge a show at the Beautiful Full Circle Farm in New Hampshire. The venue was amazing! We had a beautiful...

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