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Favorite Things Friday

I will admit when I saw this item I was a bit skeptical. Not much can keep my hair from knotting up. However, this really works. The hair tie I have tried this week is called Rip Ties. They were actually invented for surfers. But I am telling you they are phenomenal for anyone with long hair ho works outside. I love my long hair but in the heat and humidity it feels like it is always sticking to me or in my way. It falls out of the braid and my messy buns get in the way of my helmet. So all day I am having to adjust my hair. Not anymore. I put it in a low pony tail and add the Rip Tie. It stays all day. I am cooler. My hair stays cleaner and tangle free. I LOVE THESE! You can get a 10% of coupon by signing up for their email notifications. I purchased the one for thick hair. They would make great stocking stuffers for all your long haired outdoorsie people. I wish I ordered the 5 pack now.

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