Ringing in 2022

Hello 2022

2021 brought me many personal and professional growth and learning opportunities. I appreciate every one! I am grateful to all the educators who are committed to their craft and sharing with others. There is always something new to learn. There is always growth and development on the horizon. I enjoy continuing down the path of my equine education and sharing what I learn with others. I know information can be overwhelming which makes horse ownership hard. We don’t have to know everything. We just have to keep learning and surround ourselves with professionals passionate about learning and sharing. In 2022, I will continue to strive to help keep your partnership with your horse headed in the right direction from the hoof up, from the inside out and from the hind leg forward. We may take a couple detours along the way but detours provide opportunities to get out of our comfort zone and learn something new.

Many exciting things are happening in 2022. I will still be giving clinics. I will be doing some judging. I am launching my new competition platform, Working Horse Central. I’m currently scheduling quarterly virtual competitions and working on four in person events in Texas. There is interest outside the state of Texas so I’m working on an education program to have other officials available throughout the USA. The goal of WHC is to provide a competition platform with educated officials to promote long term functional soundness in working horses. This platform will provide an outlet for an educated review of your partnership with your horse and help identify a path for biomechanic development. Educators will be identified to help individuals in their journey focusing on the whole horse and the relationship development with the rider. I hope you will join us on this exciting journey and be patient with us through the growth process. https://workinghorsecentral.com/ There are some changes coming in 2022. As all of you know, the price of everything from feed to fuel has increased upwards of 10% - 15% in some cases. We are all feeling the squeeze. Unfortunately, this means an increase in training prices for horses housed at the farm for training. Current prices are always available on the website. We are not raising lesson prices. I will continue limiting outside horses to two per month with additional spot available for short term tuneups for existing clients with horses that have completed my initial program. I am currently booked 3-6 months out. I have no slots open for new outside horses until late April. I have no tune - up slots available until mid February. My lesson students make my journey worthwhile. Thank you so much! I am only booking 16 lessons each week in 2022. Priority is given to those who book in advance and take weekly or bi-weekly lessons. Scheduling early helps get your desired day and time. I am generally booked 2-3 weeks in advance and have a wait list for cancellations. For the most part, I will only be scheduling lessons one weekend day for at least three weeks per month. I realized in 2021, I struggled to schedule myself down time which is important to recoup and restore. I will be implementing a cancellation policy this year. If you cancel two lessons in a row with less than 48hrs notice, you will have to pay a non-refundable booking deposit to book your next lesson. If you cancel less than 24hrs in advance you will be responsible for the lesson fee from the missed lesson prior to booking your next lesson. Exceptions are made for cancellations due to weather, medical or an emergency. With the launch of Working Horse Central, I will be limiting my clinic weekends this year. I already have some dates in the works. Priority will be given to those who have hosted me in the past. For information on clinics and available dates please send us a message. I already have two continuing education courses I am planning on attending in 2022 and I anticipate more! The more I learn, the more I can share. The more I share, the more success my students can have. The more success they have, the more they influence and educate those around them. The world becomes a better place for our horses because knowledge is power. Remember you can join our group of education junkies by subscribing to one of our paid subscription levels on the website. The Masters level gives you access to educational blogs, videos and monthly Zooms. https://www.tntfarmsqtrhorses.com/plans-pricing https://www.tntfarmsqtrhorses.com/blog I have enjoyed bringing on a working student. It has been a joy to have someone on the farm as passionate as I am about learning. Julie is amazing with the horses and works hard to develop her skills. I am look forward to continue having her on the farm in 2022. For working student opportunities please contact me via email.

Remember as you begin writing a new chapter in the book authored by you and your horse, be patient. Your horse didn’t sign up for this. Enjoy the ride! Don’t let bumps discourage you. Ride for progress not perfection. Slow and correct is better than getting to the wrong place in a hurry and having to turnaround. When in doubt, slow it down.

Much love,


New bridge

New bull

Goodbye 2021

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