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We are almost halfway through the year. My mind is struggling with that.

Here are schedule updates

I have no more lesson availability in May. I will keep a list in case if cancellation.

I am currently booking June lessons. For the summer I will offer three 9am lesson spots each week and two 6p lesson spots each week to help beat the heat. These spots are available to Master lesson plan students first and then Novice lesson plan students. They are not available to any other riders. Only students taking 2 or more lessons each month will be allowed to book lessons prior to 12p. I know the heat is hard but my regular students get the cooler ride times.

I will accept one outside horse at the end of June for training or rehab. After that it will be August time frame. I have 3 spots for fall.

Reagan is continuing to work for me a few days a week. She is available for house sitting and trimming.

Thank you to all my clients for remaining flexible around the weather and my CE schedule this month.

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