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It's pretty hot in Texas.

I have 8 more lesson spots in July. If you haven't scheduled a lesson and would like to, please get with me.

I will offer some offsite lessons in August. Details are on the website price list.

There are currently no open training/rehab spots for new clients until likely November. I will have spots for short term tune ups. These spots are for current clients which have already sent horses for their initial 90 days.

I know it's hot. In July, August and likely September, I will be offering some lesson spots prior to 10a. I will only be booking early morning lessons 2-3 days a week. Those early morning lessons are reserved for students taking 3 or more lessons per month. All other lessons will be booked after 10a. I will also have evening lesson spots between 5 and 7p 2-3 days per week.

There is only one clinic date left that is available for booking in 2023. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone❤️. I have started booking 2024.

As always, I appreciate being a part of your journey ❤️

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