Some pretty hefty wind gusts today

What were your horses doing in the wind today? Mine we grazing and napping. Did I ride? You betcha. They were great rides. Why? Mostly because I expected them to be. My attitude was appropriate. I believe in working horsemanship. That means my horses and I must be adjustable. That includes adjusting to weather. I even taught lessons.

I’ve judged shows with the porta potty blowing over. The horses were fine. I’ve judged shows in severe storms. 30 miles away horse trailers were flipping over. Horses were fine. If your horse becomes reactive with weather changes, there is a disconnect in your relationship. Is it too windy to ride? Why does my horse seem more spooky? Find the answers to these questions in part two for paid subscribers.

Support the horse from the hoof up. Learn about the horse from the inside out. Ride the horse from the hind leg forward. Changing horses’ lives one human at a time.

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