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Trainer’s Tip Tuesday

Training or rehabbing a horse is not an overnight process. It is not a cheap process. To train or rehab a horse, the owner must be committed. The professionals trying to help the horse and owner must work within the boundaries the owner sets. Sometimes we decide we can't work within those boundaries. We know that no amount of effort we put in will make the difference needed for the horse based on the restrictions put in place by the owner. Those cases are hard. Our desire is there to help but our hands are tied. What keeps us going are the owners who give us the opportunity to help the horses to the best of our ability. Those owners keep our fire ignited and recharge our batteries. We appreciate them more than words can say. It's very rewarding when the owners and horses see the return on their trust and investment. Remember though, if you don't keep up with your prescribed plan and continue your education, your results won't last at home. Training and rehab are an ongoing process. A few months just scratches the surface. It takes many years to make or rehab a horse.

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