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Trainer’s Tip Tuesday

Yes I am saying it…. Give them a hay bag. When I am grooming or getting ready to ride I give the horses a hay bag while tied. Why? To bribe them? No. It puts food in their stomach to help with stomach acid while I’m riding. It activates the chewing motion which creates relaxation and releases calming hormones prior to me getting in the saddle. That calming influence while grooming and saddling sets us up for a positive experience. Can my horses stand tied without feed? Yes. Once in awhile the hay bag is empty and I don’t have time to fill it. They can still stand tied. Why? Because standing tied has always been a positive activity that creates relaxation and released all the positive hormones. Anything that might come with stress like trailering or tying means I will offer food with the activity to settle their stomach and create relaxation.

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