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Trainer’s Tip Tuesday

Horses do not care about traditions and rules. Those are all man made. They don't care about what you wear when you ride. They don't care about fads. The horses don't care about what discipline your tack is, only if they are comfortable or not while wearing it. They don't care if a bit is considered "English or Western", they care if it is reasonably tolerable. The horse doesn't care if the color of your pad is bright or white. Man made those traditions and rules, not horses. Horses never got a say in the rules, tack, attire, patterns, etc. If the equine sport you are competing in cares more about tradition than what is best from the perspective of the horse, it's time to either work to change the sport or take a step back for the good of your horse. Rules should written to help and benefit the horse. That means those who are writing them must have extensive education on function and dysfunction in the horse.

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