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Wisdom Wednesday

We must conform to our horse's advancement schedule, the horse does not conform to our plan for their advancement. This is a hard concept for humans. Horses cost money. The more time you put into training the more money it costs. But horses are not machines. They advance physically and mentally at their own pace as an individual. Much like human children. We have become accustomed to age based grade levels in humans and expect the horses to conform to a similar education standard. It just doesn't work that way (it also doesn't work for humans, we just convince ourselves it does). Your horse is oblivious to your goals. They also don't care. We must be diligent in not comparing their journey to the educational journey of other horses. They aren't comparing themselves to others, we shouldn't either. The horse gets to choose the timeline for advancement and a good equine educator will allow that to happen, putting the horse first always. Might it cost you a bit more? Maybe or maybe putting in a little extra $$ up front will allow your horse to have a longer career with you and fewer accidents/injuries for horse and rider. It takes the time it takes. Fast tracking it only gets you to the wreck faster.

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