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Wisdom Wednesday

I felt more intelligent when I was ignorant. I had more answers and fewer questions. I felt more confident. I can remember the day that I first caught a glimpse of my lack of education. I was shocked and looked away quickly. But that picture stayed with me and niggled in the back of my head. I have always been education minded but I think in my younger years, I just kept seeking education that validated what I already knew. I also remember the turning point. I spent a lot of money to drive 4 horses 4 states away to ride with a trainer that was highly recommended. I drove home with blistered hands, horses with sore mouths and it took a long time to reestablish the relationship I had with my horses. I knew then, that I did not want to keep on the same path if that was where it lead. So I changed. Change is painful. Change is exciting. Change is intimidating. Change requires letting go in order to gain something better. Change is hard. Change is a lifetime commitment to grow and not become comfortable in your knowledge.

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