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Wisdom Wednesday

Horse’s revert to their owner/handler’s experience and expectation. Horses don’t stay trained forever if the training and expectations are not consistent. every interaction teaches them something…good or bad. If we get sloppy in our training and handling of the horses the horses revert to the level of what is being expected. If we start letting them walk us soon they will be dragging us because we lowered our expectations. Every interaction with the horse teaches them about our expectations. Every interaction is training. Paying attention to the small details in our daily interactions can drastically improve our relationship with our horse. If you are constantly looking at your phone when leading your horse, you can’t be upset when your horse starts bumping into you or pulling away. You gave them body language that showed you were not interacting with them or interested in a conversation. So they reacted accordingly. You need to be present when you are with your horse. Leave distractions at the gate. Don’t take them into the interaction with your horse. Our horses don’t miss much and they are masters at reading body language. So be aware of what your body language is telling your horse.

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