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Wisdom Wednesday

What would your horse say about you if they could tell me? Would they say when they were scared? Would they say that you were calm and reassuring? Would they say when they were scared, that you forced them to face the monster they were scared of and now they don’t trust you? When they called for a friend would they say you punished them for talking? When they were confused about an aid or a new request, would they say you were patient and tried to explain it better? Or would they say you got mad and scared them when they didn’t understand? When they wouldn’t load, refused a canter, wouldn’t pick up a foot, would they say you searched for the pain and helped them? Or would they say you ignored what they were saying and made them do it anyway? When they had been sitting for two weeks, would they say you took the time to bring them slowly back into work? Or would they say you made them work for hours and miles they weren’t fit for so they were tired and sore? I think sometimes it does us good to step back and look at a situation from a horse’s perspective and consider what our horse would say.

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