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Biomechanics for Better Behavior

It took me 5 months to work up to being able to complete a 6 mile run. I started 49 weeks ago with 20 minutes of walk run intervals. If I don’t run at least 3 days a week then I am extremely sore. When I am sore, I don’t use my body correctly and I create damage. This is true in our horses. I often have individuals complain about their horse’s behavior at an event. The first thing I ask them is “how often are you riding your horse?”. A good majority of the time it’s not at least three days a week. If you only went to the gym once a week, twice a week or every other week and then expected yourself to perform like an athlete, I think you would have a greater appreciation for maintaining fitness in your horse. If you don’t have time to condition your horse, then you don’t have time to compete them. I know that is hard to hear. But horses are not machines and without conditioning you are crippling them.

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