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Biomechanics for Better Behavior – Random Thoughts While Running

I still dislike running. I do appreciate the effects of running. I feel better afterwards. No one can run for me. It’s hard. I have to do it even when I don’t feel like it. I started thinking about the horses. Everyone wants the been there, done that, old soul that is 10- 14yrs old and will tolerate a novice rider. There is only one way that old soul is developed. Someone rode the young soul that had no life experience or wisdom. They put in the hard work. They rode the days they didn’t feel like it. They rode through some poor decisions on the horse’s part and maybe their part too. They risked injury and maybe even came back from an injury. They took a journey and didn’t quit. Many days it was not fun and somedays even scary. There were days where quitting seemed like the best option but with courage, they saddled up anyway. They built the skill and knowledge to support the horse. It takes YEARS to make that old soul. Sometimes several different horsemen and women. You can’t put a price tag on that journey. If you did, most people wouldn’t want to pay it. But we are expected to price these horses and we do. Most of us severely undervalue that journey to get the horse in the best home and give that novice rider a chance to start their journey.

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