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Is it too windy to ride? Part 3

It depends, maybe, sometimes, no. Today was a Texas weather day. This morning it was drizzling and humid. When my 12p lesson started it was 70 degrees, sunny, 20mph south wind. Within 20 minutes the wind switched. Clouds rolled in. The temperatures plummeted. By 2p we were in 3-4 layers with actual temperature 49, windchill of 41. By 5p we are supposed to have windchills in the 30’s. We had barrels rolling across the arena, obstacles falling over, leaves racing along the ground. Not one horse was bothered. We had riders from 6 yrs old (teeny enough I thought she might blow off her horse 😂) to mature grandmothers. Walk, trot, canter, playing with garrocha pole. I had to yell to be heard but the lessons went fine. This morning we had 20mph winds from the south. Still held morning lessons and worked 5 horses. I even worked one after the afternoon lessons finished up. I could have and should have worked more. I still might. But I got cold and cranky. So I quit for awhile. It’s ok to not want to work or ride in these conditions but we also must be honest and understand that’s it’s more about our comfort and security than it is about the horses in the wind.

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