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Trainer’s Tip Tuesday

Today was blah. It was cloudy and drizzle. It definitely affects my mood. I didn't eat well over the weekend which affected my body. I was sore and achy. Before I worked with horses, I had to get my head on straight and my body moving. I couldn't work them with my attitude and lack of desire to do anything. So I went for a run. It was 5 miles. It was slow. But it improved my attitude to where I felt like I could do my job in a way the horses would appreciate. I wasn't stiff or sore anymore and felt like I could be athletic enough work with the horses.

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לא היה ניתן לטעון את התגובות
נראה שהייתה בעיה טכנית. כדאי לנסות להתחבר מחדש או לרענן את הדף.
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