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Winter is not my season

I am no different than you. I wanted to stay inside where it was pleasant. We haven't seen the sun for a couple days. Last Tuesday it was 85 and I rode in a tank top. The sun set a little later. This Tuesday it was 44 with a windchill of 38 and I'm pretty sure the sun set 15 minutes after it came up.

I didn’t want to work. Some of the young training horses were a little extra. But horses don’t learn about life or get educated standing in the pasture. They don’t learn to deal with less than ideal conditions without working in them. My horses were pleasant to ride. But we have spent years building a relationship, many seasons together and we have battled the weather war together before. They became dependable because I rode even when it was uncomfortable and I didn't want to.

I don’t have a covered arena. I am in the elements all day. I spent 12hrs outside today. The battery on my heated vest lasts 8hrs... I did chores, ran 4.8 miles, lessons, worked 7 horses (which took longer than normal), and trimmed two. I ran out of daylight and rode in the dark. It was actually more pleasant after dark when the wind quit. It’s easy to be a fair weather rider. It’s easy to wait for perfect conditions but that doesn’t make a horse. Even if you do 15 minutes of groundwork, get out and do something. You will reap the benefits down the road.

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