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What is training...My take on what it should be.

When I take horses for training I am truly rehabbing them. Behaviorally, emotionally and physically. Sometimes I am limited by financial constraints of the owner. I understand and I do the best I can for the horse knowing everything I do will make an improvement for horse and owner. I have a great team of professionals to assist me. I have veterinarians I trust and listen to my concerns. I have a hoof care practitioner who thinks outside the box. I have a dentist that is one of the most brilliant people I have met. I have a body worker that the horses melt for. I can’t put the puzzle together without all of them. Yes it all costs money. But dealing with a horse that is reactive can cost a lot of money. You still have to feed and care for a horse that you may not be able to ride or handle. We deal with 1/2 ton flight animals. They can be deadly or cause serious injury.

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