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You inspire me

I just finished a zoom for a virtual lesson. I just want to say how each of you, that I get to interact with in person or virtually, inspire me. I have such great admiration for how each of you show up to learn, try your best to adjust for your horse, and learn from less than ideal situations. I appreciate how each one of you can examine the situation and change, learn, dust yourself off and show up again. I am honored to be part of your journey and I feel your frustrations through every cell in my body. I know them. I understand them. I’m also your biggest cheer leader and so proud of your achievements no matter how small. It makes my heart swell. The horsemanship journey is not easy and it’s very humbling. Many people quit or don’t show up for their horse because change is hard. Give yourself a pat on the back. Be proud of your journey. Don’t expect your journey to look remotely like anyone else’s. Give yourself grace because to learn you must fail. Don’t take failure to heart…your horse doesn’t. Learn from them. Take one ride at a time and list your accomplishments first. Remember there are seasons. Seasons of success and seasons of painful growth. Both are important for development. Remember if you messed something up, I’ve done it too and have pictures and video to prove it. Just pick yourself up, dust off your ego, and try again. Learning is the best gift you can give your horse and you will never have all the answers. Much love to all of you.

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